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Listed below are important notices regarding stray impounded livestock and suspended dealers.
If you have any comments, concerns or would like to make a report, please contact your local brand office.

Suspended Livestock Dealers

None to report at this time.


(section 41(5) of the Livestock Identification and Commerce General Regulation)

August 22, 2016
TAKE NOTICE that LIS has received notice of non-payment by Terry Peacock (Deceased) with respect of the purchase of livestock from a Livestock Dealer.

Any Livestock Dealer who has a claim against Terry Peacock (Deceased) arising from a non-payment in respect of the sale of livestock may make a claim on the Livestock Dealers’ Assurance Fund.   Any claim must be verified by statutory declaration in the form specified by LIS and contain the following information:
    (a)   Contact details for both the Livestock Dealer and the unlicensed person
    (b)   Particulars of the Non-Payment
    (c)   Confirmation of Default 
    (d)   Documentation in support of the non-payment/default
    (e)   Collection Efforts
    (f)   Compliance with the eligibility requirements to claim against the Livestock Dealer’s Assurance Fund
The following documents are available from LIS on request:
  1. Instructions – Non-Payment/Default by Unlicensed Persons;
  2. Blank form of Statutory Declaration re Non-Payment/Default by Unlicensed Person;
  3. Sections of the Livestock Identification and Commerce Act relevant to Non-Payment;
  4. Sections of the Livestock Identification and Commerce General Regulation relevant to Non-Payment.

Please direct any inquiries to:
        Livestock Identification Services Ltd.
        Attention:  Cam Camden
        By Mail:  109, 264 Midpark Way S.E.
                      Calgary, AB  T2X 1J6
        By Fax:   (403) 509-2098
        By E-mail: cam.camden@lis-alberta.com


Impounded Stray Animals

None to report at this time.
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