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Livestock Identification Services Ltd. is known for providing inspection services to livestock producers in Alberta.

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RCMP’s cowboy cop prepares to hit the dusty trail
Posted by: Shawn McLean   Mar 11, 2015
Heaslip is one of the Mounties’ longest-serving members, joining the force when he was 18. When he retires next month, he’ll have served 45 years, 192 days External Article

Notice to Producers re levy increase
Posted by: Adrienne Waller   Sep 30, 2014
Under section 69 of the Livestock Identification and Commerce Act the Livestock Assurance Funds Tribunal (the Tribunal) is required to conduct an annual review to determine if the levies charged are appropriate, considering past and anticipated future claims on the assurance funds. PDF Article

LIS Appoints General Manager
Posted by: Phil Rowland   Aug 21, 2014
Livestock Identification Services Ltd (LIS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn McLean as General Manager of LIS effective August 21, 2014. With the appointment of a General Manager, PDF Article

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