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Livestock Identification Services Ltd. is known for providing inspection services to livestock producers in Alberta.

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At branding time, a tradition continues
Posted by: Leah Hennel   Jul 12, 2016
As our city celebrates its western heritage at the Calgary Stampede, Postmedia photographers and videographers are taking a look at life behind the scenes of the modern west, where the cowboy way is still alive and well in southern Alberta. External Article

Cattle identification: Branding is back
Posted by: Debbie Furber   May 20, 2016
Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia are the only provinces in Canada with cattle brand registries and associated brand inspection services, all of which have reported a surge in new brand registrations with the rising prices for cattle last year. External Article

Earls backtracking on move away from Canadian beef
Posted by: Calgary Herald   May 04, 2016
After taking a lashing on social media, restaurant chain Earls announced Wednesday it will bring Canadian beef back to its eateries. External Article

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