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Livestock Identification Services Ltd. is known for providing inspection services to livestock producers in Alberta.

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Canadian beef industry ‘Puts It Together…’
Posted by: CBIC   Aug 12, 2016
The rising momentum toward a fresh era of national connectivity, teamwork and success for Canada’s beef industry took a major step forward with the successful delivery of a sold-out, progress packed inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference, August 9 – 11 in Calgary. External Article

Ranchers applaud Earls president's apology
Posted by: Calgary Sun   Aug 11, 2016
The president of Earls restaurant chain is apologizing to Canadian beef ranchers, taking to the stage at an industry conference in Calgary to disavow the company’s “dumb” strategy last spring to only buy beef raised in the United States. External Article

VIDEO: Livestock ID group eyes new technology
Posted by: Ag Week   Jul 26, 2016
FARGO, N.D. — New technology is likely to help prevent cattle theft in coming years, speakers at a recent event said. The International Livestock Identification Association held its annual conference July 17 to 20 in Fargo, N.D., hosted by the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association. External Article

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