Frequently Asked Biosecurity Questions


What is it? – A biosecurity program is a management program to prevent the spread of disease. Biosecurity programs have been a long-standing and successful practice on Canadian farms. A biosecurity plan should address how you manage animal, vehicle and human access on the farm, animal health and operations.
Why do it? – To reduce in your herd and the national herd:
  • the chance of introducing disease;
  • the spread of disease; and
  • the cost of disease.
How to do it? – As a part of the management program for your operation. Consider your inputs, the products you produce, the assets you manage (i.e. the livestock, feed, equipment and buildings), and the costs and the risks you are prepared to bear.
Where to get help? – From your veterinarian
When to do it? – Now! Implement a control program for your operation right away and keep it current.
Who has to do it? – You! You are responsible for animal health on your operation – that is a critical control point in preventing or controlling the spread of disease to the national herd. Your program will assist those responding to a major outbreak.
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