Livestock Inspection

Inspection Offers Protection

Livestock Identification Services Ltd. has the legislated responsibility to provide livestock inspection services. The brand registry and the inspection system offer protection to all livestock owners against strayed or stolen livestock. Properly branded livestock move quickly and easily through the livestock inspection process whether sold or exported.
Each time livestock owners transport livestock, they are required by law to accurately describe their livestock on a form called a livestock manifest. A fully-completed livestock manifest describing the livestock properly (including recording all the brands on each animal) must always accompany the livestock that are being transported. The livestock manifest is especially important when the livestock is transported for sale. 

If livestock carrying another person’s brand are sold, a proper bill of sale to prove ownership must accompany the livestock. If the proper manifests or bills of sale are not provided, the sale proceeds or the livestock may be held until the correct documentation can be produced.
Livestock being transported out of Alberta may need to be inspected by a Livestock Inspector. The Inspector issues a livestock transportation permit to accompany the livestock. If there is an inter-provincial agreement between neighbouring provinces, an inspection may not be required. Please check with your local Livestock Inspector.
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