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What LICA Will Do For You

  • LICA facilitates fair commerce by requiring security interest declarations, as well as new rules for the prompt payment for livestock 
  • LICA streamlines day-to-day commerce of the livestock industry through new standardized forms. 
  • LICA enables the inspection process to include other forms of identification currently used in other industry programs such as Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) tags. 
  • LICA protects personal property by requiring livestock dealers to deposit all unpaid proceeds into trust accounts. 
  • LICA enhances predictability and harmonization in the Canadian livestock market by officially legislating many already accepted industry practices. 
  • LICA enhances traceability efforts through enhanced livestock transportation documentation further improving relations with our international trading partners.

Information on Policy Change Highlights
February 2007 – Livestock Identification and Commerce Act Regulation Development. Prepared by the Working Group comprised of members from Alberta Agriculture and Food and LIS.
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