Livestock Identification & Commerce Act

The Livestock Identification and Commerce Act and Livestock Identification and Commerce General Regulation was proclaimed on January 1, 2009 and is now enforced.

Introduction and Background

On May 24, 2006, the Livestock Identification and Commerce Act (LICA) received Royal Assent. The purpose of this act is to update and consolidate existing legislation in order to reflect current industry practices. The legislation was developed with 4 years of extensive industry consultation and addresses industry concerns, such as buyer protection and standardizing industry practices. ARD and LIS have worked to consolidate and revise provisions from three Acts and their associated regulations in order to develop a highly effective and efficient legislative framework for the benefit of the livestock industry.
The stakeholder consultation process formally commenced in January 2003. At that time, a discussion paper and questionnaire were distributed to approximately 225 industry associations and other stakeholders. In February 2003, a letter explaining the consultation process and availability of the discussion paper was sent to each brand-owner in Alberta. Stakeholder feedback on the discussion paper was accepted until April 30, 2003. In January 2005, ARD and LIS commenced a subsequent joint public consultation process. The proposed framework of livestock marketing and brand inspection legislation was provided to stakeholders in the livestock industry to garner further feedback. A discussion document was distributed to Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and over 650 stakeholders. Four public meetings and eight key stake holder group meetings were held in January 2005. Throughout 2005 and into 2006, additional stakeholder consultation occurred through discussions and workshops with industry representatives. Three workshops with representatives from the Cattle Industry Committee (CIC) were held. CIC was initiated by the Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) and includes representation from the diverse sectors in the cattle industry. Legal counsel and policy advisors from ARD, LIS, Justice and ABP played a critical role in the legislative review process.
LICA (Bill 38) received Royal Assent on May 24, 2006. The Act, which came into force upon Proclamation, consolidates and revises provisions of the Brand Act, the Livestock Identification and Brand Inspection Act, and the Livestock and Livestock Products Act. The Act facilitates fair commerce, protects personal property, and promotes the integrity of marketing within the livestock industry.
Regulations pursuant to the Act have been developed. As was the case in developing the Act, this was largely a process of consolidation and modernization. On December 7th, 2007 amendments to the Livestock Identification and Commerce Act received Royal Assent. Amendments to LICA include the clarification of requirements relating to security interest disclosure, sale documentation, prompt payment and livestock permits. These amendments now strengthen due diligence practices so as to increase recognition of security interests of lenders and provide protection to buyers of livestock.
The Act, now in effect, is a product of over five years of stakeholder consultation. Based on this consultation, the Act reflects the goals of the government and industry representatives to facilitate fair and efficient commerce in livestock.
To ensure all who are affected by the Act have a clear understanding of the changes in legislation, LIS held a series of informational sessions across Alberta. These sessions accommodated various sectors within the industry and initiated the education process with the intention of the attendees sharing the new information with others throughout the province.

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