Purchase Brands: Reserving a Brand Online

You can use the Online Brand Builder or Online Brand Wizard to: 
  • Design your brand, 
  • Find out if the brand you want is available, and 
  • Reserve your brand selection
Once you have reserved your brand selection online you can either charge the brand application fee to your Visa or MasterCard or simply reserve the brand and pay the application fee when you mail in your completed Brand Application Form.

LIS must receive a completed Brand Application Form within 30 days of the date the brand is reserved online, failing which your online brand reservation may be cancelled. If you paid the brand application fee by credit card LIS will issue you a credit card refund.

Please note: You do not have the right to use the brand that has been reserved online until your Brand Application has been approved and you have been issued a Brand Certificate by the Brand Registrar. Please do not purchase irons or brand your livestock until you have received your Brand Certificate from LIS.

If you accept the above terms, please click below to build and reserve your brand online. 
After you have reserved your brand online click the link below to print the Brand Application Form for Brands Reserved Online  
Brand Application Form for Brands Reserved Online
The entire brand application form must be completed and submitted to LIS in order to register your brand.   
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