Applying Brands

Always Employ Proper Methods

All livestock must be branded clearly, using proper branding methods so brands are visible under all weather conditions. Branding improperly is a waste of time and money. Producers brand livestock to prove ownership and protect themselves when livestock stray or are stolen. Some common factors that can contribute to poor or faulty branding are:
  • irons that are not constructed properly
  • irons that are too narrow on the face
  • irons that are improperly heated
  • irons that are too small
  • branding a wet animal
The photo to the left displays an example of poor branding.

Why You Should Brand

Permanent Marking for Identification
A brand is a permanent mark applied to livestock for identification purposes. Livestock are often offered for sale, or harbored knowingly or unknowingly, by someone other than the rightful owner. If your brand is registered with the Brand Recorder and appears on livestock, the brand is evidence of ownership.
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