On an annual basis LIS will inspect over 5.4 million head of livestock and has employed over 90 certified livestock Inspectors across the province.

LIS Inspectors are situated at all Alberta designated inspections sites (auction markets, assembly stations, packing plants, feedlots and inspected country sales) and in the daily course of business LIS Inspectors will travel to numerous farms and ranches across the province.
This exposure to livestock co-mingling sites and individual ranches and farms poses a bio-security risk that requires LIS to be pro-active in disease mitigation. In consultation with numerous subject matter experts including Regulatory Services Division, Office of the Chief Provincial Veterinarian and the Animal Health Programs Section of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD), LIS has developed a comprehensive bio-security protocol that is based on the following principles:
  • Biosecurity is a set of practices that prevent the incidental spread of disease
  • Biosecurity principles become the basis for reasoning and conduct related to animal health in general and the relationships animal health has to food safety, control of zoonotic diseases and trade
  • The importance of exports to Alberta's livestock industries depends on the need for proof of freedom from disease and the ability to control the introduction and spread of disease through adoption of sound biosecurity practices
  • Biosecurity represents an opportunity to increase competitiveness
  • The continuing change in the structure, management and delivery of animal health services in Alberta requires a coordinated approach to biosecurity across all sectors and agencies associated with the livestock and poultry industries
  • Adoption of biosecurity practices starts with awareness of basic principles and understanding the science behind them, followed by the connection with advantages attained when biosecurity practices are integrated into livestock production systems
  • Biosecurity is not difficult nor does it have to be expensive. It relies on doing simple things right all the time
  • The concept of biosecurity grows through advocacy and advocacy through teaching, promotion and communication
  • Investing in biosecurity is good business
  • Biosecurity is important for all types of livestock
  • Biosecurity is important for anybody who comes in contact with livestock or places where livestock have been
  • Every little bit helps – little things matter
  • With few exceptions, disease walks onto farms
  • Biosecurity works best when people work together
  • Biosecurity is everybody’s business
LIS Inspectors are strategically positioned at livestock comingling sites across Alberta to provide biosecurity education and awareness to livestock producers in collaboration with the Animal Health Programs Section of ARD.
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