Your Livestock Biosecurity "Quick" Checklist


  • Control traffic on and off the farm
  • Post prominent signage to restrict access and provide directions to the farm office, using words appropriate to your location and operation
  • Discourage unnecessary visitors
  • all visitors must be accompanied, and prohibited or limited from accessing structures or pens containing animals, medications or feed
  • Keep a ‘visitor log’
  • all visitors, service calls and deliveries – no exceptions
  • date, name, business, contact information, next farm visit, previous farm visit. See www.animalhealth.ca
  • Ask visitors to arrive in clean clothes, footwear and vehicles
  • on arrival, instruct visitors of your sanitation practices
  • provide clean clothes and footwear if necessary
  • Discuss visitors from other countries with your veterinarian or the CFIA to assess the risk and determine appropriate measures


  • Purchase healthy livestock from reputable suppliers following good management practices and a recognized on-farm food safety program
  • Isolate purchased livestock for 2 or more weeks
  • Purchase quality feed and colostrum from suppliers that follow good manufacturing practices
  • Separate sick from healthy animals
  • Deadstock should be disposed of according to municipal and provincial regulations. Carcasses should be disposed of in a timely manner and assumed contagious
  • Manure should be handled according to municipal and provincial regulations, including measures for collecting, storing, moving and disposing of manure in ways that minimize the chance of spreading disease


  • Keep clean all personnel, buildings, yards, equipment, instruments, feed storage areas and feed equipment
  • Disinfection
  • choose the right product for the job
  • clean items with warm water and detergent before disinfection
  • Use disposable equipment once and discard
  • Wildlife & Pests
  • Control or eliminate vermin
  • Protect your feed and water supplies from fecal contamination by wildlife 
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