The History of LIS

How LIS Got Started
In 1992, the Government of Alberta created the Livestock Advisory Committee. This committee had representatives from the Alberta Auction Markets Association, the Feeders Association of Alberta, the Western Stock Growers, the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association, the Alberta Cattle Commission and the Alberta Livestock Dealers and Order Buyers Association.
The Livestock Advisory Committee recommended the privatization of livestock inspection and related activities. This initiative was consistent with the Crown’s goal of wanting to facilitate business and industry. The passing of Bill 41 in the spring of 1998 allowed for a contract between a private company (LIS) and the Crown to unfold.

The History of Branding in Alberta

A Legal Requirement Since 1878
The first law that required the branding of livestock was passed at the second session of the North West Territories government on August 1, 1878. The next day, brand registration became the law, making it necessary to record every brand used in the territory that eventually became Alberta. Brands have been registered in Western Canada for more than 125 years. Sometimes, brands become better known than the individuals who use them.

Why You Should Brand

Permanent Marking for Identification
A brand is a permanent mark applied to livestock for identification purposes. Livestock are often offered for sale, or harbored knowingly or unknowingly, by someone other than the rightful owner. If your brand is registered with the Brand Recorder and appears on livestock, the brand is evidence of ownership.
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